What can $400,000 buy?

According to MoneySense.ca, the average cost of raising a child to age 18 is a whopping $243,660.  

According to my calculations, the medical costs of a child with type 1 diabetes diagnosed at 2 until he is 18 years of age is $151,323.  That means that raising this child until he is 18 probably cost close to $400,000 in total!

old houseFor $400,000 I could have paid off a really nice house.  Actually knowing the cost of my first and second homes, I could have paid off more than one!

For $400,000 I could have travelled the world. I could have taken safaris in Africa or wandered the streets of Paris.  I could have enjoyed the tropical beaches of Bali.

For $400,000 I could have owned some amazing cars. I could have had my dream green Jaguar or a lovely Stingray Corvette.

$400,000.  Its not enough money to live on forever but I could have done a lot of things with it but that didn’t happen.  $400,000 kept a child in clothes.  It kept a roof over his head. It tried to keep pace with his ever growing appetite.  It paid for life saving medical equipment.

For $400,000 I got a lot more than cars, trips or a new home. For $400,000 I have been able to touch the tiny hand of a new little person.  I was able to watch him bravely take his first steps.  I was able to watch him master hide-and-go-seek as he stealthy hid under a pile of laundry for hours, never revealing his position.

SCN_0002I was able to hold him tight as he lay scared in the hospital as his body worked to repair itself after being deprived of insulin for too long.  I was able to watch him play with his friends who would protect him and tell any adult who was curious that their friend’s pancreas had broken so he had to receive needles.

$400,000 bought me a young man with a quick wit whose strong arms can take away some of the greatest pain. It gave me my son–alive and healthy.  The value of my children is far beyond any dollar value that you could imagine.

Children are expensive. That is a fact.  Their needs are great.  Children with diabetes have an added expense that they will have for their entire lives.  The value of both and children with diabetes is immeasurable however. From the minute we know of their existence, our children grab hold of our hearts and never let go.  We do our best to protect them.  We are there to hold them and dust them off when things don’t go according to plan.  Through the ups and downs, they remain a very special part of us. They are worth far more than just $400,000.

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