The Signs of Diabetes. Do You Know Them?

I sat in the doctor’s office. It was a room that I had sat in many times before but this time was different. My son was laying lifelessly in my arms.  I was terrified.

We had been to the hospital for bloodwork and x-rays. He hadn’t stirred. I looked across the room and saw a poster that had probably been there for the past 10 years or more but I had never noticed it.  It showed the signs of diabetes.  I have never paid attention before.  It was a disease that happened to other people…until it didn’t.

As I waited I read….

warning signs of diabetes
Frequent urination

My son did nothing but soak his diapers for weeks. We were going through Pampers in record time and I had blankets on my couch because accidents were happening.

Constant thirst

We had been to the emergency room in the days before and they said that it was a good sign that he was drinking.  Even when he seemed too weak to get up, he could walk to the fridge and drink a carton of apple juice. They assured me that this was a positive thing.

signs of diabetes blurred vision
Blurred vision

My son was 2 years old.  He spent most of his time in my arms. I had no idea if his vision was blurred.  He had no way to tell me either.


My son slept all of the time.  He was sick.  I knew that much.  Sleep was a good thing for a little boy who wasn’t feeling well.

Unexplained Weight-loss

My son had always been tiny.  He hadn’t been eating a lot. Of course, he was slight.

Fruity breath

My son had sweet little boy breath.  I didn’t know that there was anything else that could possibly be going on.

Thrush or other yeast infections

This was another of the warning signs of diabetes.  Why did a two-year-old have thrush? The emergency room doctor didn’t offer any explanation.  He simply gave us antibiotics.

I didn’t know the symptoms. I didn’t know that warning signs and neither did the ER doctor. It almost cost my son his life.

symptoms of highs and lows

Know the signs.  Share them with others.  Together we can save lives. 

Download a copy of the signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar levels here.

One thought on “The Signs of Diabetes. Do You Know Them?”

  1. Please also remind folks that hypoglycemic unawareness is real and more common than originally thought in people with type 1 diabetes. Diabetic unawareness means without a blood test (finger stick) or cgms graph line that drops below 4.0 (72), the person with type 1 diabetes cannot tell that they are going low. My husband has never been able to tell that his blood glucose level is going low by physiological signs. I used to be able to tell that he was low, but I often can’t any more. He certainly has never been able to treat himself without the cgms telling him his bg is low. Thank goodness our insurance has always funded at 100% our cgms since the cgms was introduced to Canada about 2008.

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