Tandem® t:slim X2™ is approved for use in Canada and we’re stoked

t:slimX2 approved for canada

Tandem® t:slim X2™ insulin pump has been approved for sale in Canada and I am excited.  I know that this pump is not for everyone but for us…well, we have been waiting since it was first brought to the US market.

We were Cozmo users.  Actually Cozmo lovers.  Any pump after our beloved Cozmo was just not the same.  So many features were missing. It felt like we were going back in time.

When the Tandem® t:slim™ insulin pump first came out in the US, I was jealous.  Many of our fellow Cozmo pumpers made the switch and were in love.  It wasn’t perfect. Some people have issues with certain features but overall most of them felt that one or two annoyances (some of which the company is working to change) were more than worth it.

Let’s face it, this pump looks cool. It has an iPhone phone look.  It also has some features that we have been missing and others that we are excited to see.

Here are a few of the features that the Tandem® t:slim X2™ have to offer Canadian insulin pumpers.

t:slim X2™ Features:

  • the smaller insulin pump than Medtronic 670G or Omnipod
  • has a 300 unit reservoir
  • does not use batteries but rather is recharged when you plug a USB cable into a regular AC current. You can go approximately 7 days between charges.
  • has a shatterproof, touchscreen
  • Dexcom integrated
  • Bolus by gram of carbs or units of insulin
  • Quick bolus option
  • Integrated calculator with numeric keypad
  •  6 personalized delivery profiles
  • 16 timed insulin delivery settings
  • Site change reminders
  • High and low blood glucose alerts
  • Missed meal bolus alerts
  • Remotely update software (no need to buy an entirely new pump!)
  • Waterproof for up to 3m for 30 minutes

For us, these are features that are worth getting excited about!  You can download the simulator app for Apple or Android and test drive this pump before you purchase.

Now that we have shown you why we love this new pump, I am curious, what features are most important for you when choosing an insulin pump?  If you aren’t sure, download our ebooklet. It has a list of features that may or may not be important to you as well as questions to ask pump reps when you meet!

Learn more about choosing the perfect insulin pump for you in our insulin pump ebooklet.

10 thoughts on “Tandem® t:slim X2™ is approved for use in Canada and we’re stoked”

  1. I very much wish that one of the pump companies offered what the Animas Ping did with the remote meter with bolus wizard. That is a huge bonus for my teenage daughter when she hides the pump in her bra etc. I know Medtronic has remote bolus bit the meter DOES NOT have the wizard. It can’t be that hard to implement that I wouldn’t think?

    1. You would think it would be easy but sadly the companies often hold patents on certain features so that they can’t be shared. The t:slimX2 seems to have a few bolus features and a calculator but I am not sure how closely it resembles the Animas Ping. My son used the Ping but being a guy, never used the remote bolus. Perhaps as they integrate more and more with smartphones, one of these companies will soon offer a way to bolus from your phone.

  2. I love our ping! I love tre remote function but the one thing I can’t live without is the ability to change I:C and ISF factors on the fly. We have ratios for school and just over ride them during days off. Or if we are having a stubborn high I just change the ISF factor to make it more aggressive. I feel that’s the pump options are really interfering with our management.

    1. It does say that you can customize boluses and use either a set amount of insulin or carb:insulin ratio but I can’t see a section that shows you how to override the suggested insulin amount (which I agree is a must). I would definitely contact Tandem Canada and see what they have to say…and then please let us know as well!

  3. Is it integrated with a cgms yet? That pump suspend feature is essential for us. I’d also like it to mark automatically when you suspend the pump and restart it or switch from one pattern to another. Of course, I don’t have the 2nd capacity (feature) on the paradigm pump either and I need it.

  4. Our ds has a ping now and we love the remote for bolusing corrections at night, dosing for a quick snack on the ski lift without unzipping, dosing on the fly while he grazes at a party… We’ll miss that but this pump looks awesome. Now to figure out how to get coverage.

    1. Depending on your son’s age, I am guessing that provincial coverage will be an option. I am not sure how long it takes for companies to get listed on provincial programs however. I do know that it can take a bit in some cases but the employees at Tandem Canada are working hard to get it done.

    1. I have asked friends who are using the Tandem and I have been told that you can either do short charges, like while you are in the shower. You can charge while you are sitting at your computer or while in a car and not have to disconnect. If you charge on a weekly basis, a full charge from 5% can take about 50 minutes. If you are trickle charging, just charging when you are in the shower, you can go with 10 minute daily charges. Again, this is just what users are saying. Tandem may officially say something else.

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