Life on a Fair Ride

My son has been running high at night for the past few nights. Sadly we could find all sorts of reasons but what was the real solution?

The first night he was high, and then higher but upon further examination, he had been eating and eating to cover what he felt was an impending low.  That could explain the increased readings over time…or we could need to change his basal pattern.

The second night saw highs again.  It wasn’t the same sort of pattern but there was still a stubborn high that would not go away.  Perhaps it had to do with the steak we had late for supper.  Maybe it was the site change that was due. Or we could need to change a basal pattern.

I finally got him to change his site.  I forgot to make the basal pattern changes soon enough. We had been shopping and then came home and watched a movie. Diabetes, beyond testing and bolusing, was not really on our minds so I decided to let things go one more night.  He complained that his canula wasn’t in properly. I asked if we should put in a new one. He asked me if I was crazy?  We let it slide.

I tested throughout the night. He was high again. He would drop a little lower. He would go a little higher.  Is the site bad? Do I change the basal rates?

Yeah diabetes is a simple disease. It’s all a matter of balancing food, insulin and activity, right? Until you also have a bit of life thrown into the mix and the potential culprits are so numerous that you feel like you just have to close your eyes, throw a dart and go with that change to see what happens.

Welcome to life with diabetes…life often lived on a rollercoaster with no obvious end in sight.

fair rides