Sometimes Your the Windshield

In honor of “throw back Thursday”, here is a post from June of 2009…

Sometimes you’re the windshield,  sometimes you’re the bug

Today I am  definitely feeling like the bug. It was after midnight and of course I was dying to  get to sleep. I set my alarm for early next morning…my boys’ last day of  school. I found a meter and a strip. I grabbed a lancet, waded through all of  the junk that my youngest son had left on the stairs to his room rather than putting away and was off  to test. One last check for a few hours. One check and I could sleep! We had  been out for pizza to celebrate good grades so I was sure that he would still be high. He had been 16 (288) earlier so I was certain that I was going to be able to rest.
Wrong! I  took the meter. I filled his finger with blood. The strip refused to suck. What  the???? Okay, I cleaned the finger. I got more blood. I tried again. It just  barely accepted the blood. I waited for the reading…E5. Error! Not enough blood. Oh the lovely four letter words that were on the tip  of my tongue as I headed back downstairs again. I would try this one more time.
New  meter. This one had to be better. New strip. Same lancing device. Back up the  stairs, this time grumbling and picking up items as I went. I threw the items  off to the side for my young son to deal with tomorrow and headed to his bed. Once  again, I lance his finger. Once again, I got a large amount of blood. The strip  sucked this time. I walked towards the stairs not even considering that I might have to  correct. Good thing…he was 3.2 (57)! More choice words as I shuffled off to get  some juice. I filled a glass, found a straw and went back upstairs for a third time in  less than five minutes.

My son was not keen on drinking. I finally got him to sip.  He drank t all except the last few drops which fly out of the straw and all over his pillow.  My cream pillow cases now have spots of red strawberry juice on them! I am choked. I hate diabetes.  I clean the pillow cases as best as I can and then I wait. Why are 15 minutes a lifetime when  you are dead tired and simply want this day to end?

Yeah! 5.5 (99) and I  was off to bed for two hours. Oh the fun! Oh the joys! Oh where is my DexCom Seven Plus????