Exams are over and school’s out for SUMMER!

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Wow! We have made it through another school year. This one saw my son take control of his diabetes care in school.

Before school ended, there were final exams to get through. Exams and diabetes can present their own set of challenges as my son found out.  

He was high during an exam

Thankfully, my son actually checked his blood glucose levels before he started some of his exams.   In at least one case he was high before he began. I asked him what he did?  

He told me that it was a two-hour exam but they had been given three hours to complete it.  The first hour he used to get his bg levels back in check. The final two hours he did his exam and corrected anything he had got wrong in the first hour.  I was proud and sad.

I was excited that my teenaged son had actually checked his blood glucose before an exam! I was proud that he was able to take control of the situation and make it work. However, I was also sad that once again diabetes had to mess with such a normal activity as a science exam.

He took control of his diabetes and the situation

The momma bear in me was all prepared to stand up for him and ask for accommodations if his mark was not where it should be.  The mom of a young man with diabetes said,” The boy has handled this his way.  Let it be.” and I have.

I often write about how I fear that he will never take the lead in his diabetes care. He has a very cavalier attitude about so much in life. I often wonder if my son will ever realize that this is serious?

Adults tell me that he will. They tell me my son will struggle. He will trip but that I have given him a good foundation to fall back on. I hold onto those words with both hands!

He is growing up

schools out

I am seeing changes in my son’s behaviour. As I have written about a lot lately, his interest in diet and exercise has had a very positive impact on his diabetes care.  

He knows that his bg levels need to be at their best so that he can perform at his best. That is a more powerful motivator than any of Mom’s lectures. He still isn’t perfect…but he is learning.

The true test of my teen’s newfound skills will be when he is away from me and dealing with his care on his own this summer.  I admit that I am nervous.

When he went away over Easter his care was non-existent.  He checked his blood glucose levels once a day on a good day.  I can’t worry about that. I can’t think about it.  These short stints will prepare him for the next few years when he decides to move away from me and begin his own life…but its hard not to worry because I am a mom after all!