Because sometimes you have to laugh at life with diabetes

laugh at life with diabetes

Life with diabetes is stressful but often we can find humour in the most interesting places! Here a few things that have made us laugh at life with diabetes the years.

Who can forget this video….

Where is the strangest place you have ever found a test strip?

We all know that test strips are actually alive. They move on their own. They can be found in the most unique locations. Here are some of the interesting places that we have heard of.  These ones truly helped us to laugh at life with diabetes…a lot! Please feel free to share with us some of the strange places your test strips have ever been found because laughing at diabetes makes life a little easier.

test strip in coffee make us laugh at life with diabetes

Thanks to Michael for sharing!!

“Somehow, a One Touch Ultra strip ended up in my coffee cup at work this morning. No idea how it got there, but probably involved a morning blood test of 211 that caused me to cuss and toss my case across my desk. There must have been flailing test strips at hand, also. So, in the spirit, my Blood Meter decided to pose nearby the swimming test strip.”

Teresa I. found one in her daughter’s thick, curly hair after her daughter brushed it with a brush that was next to Teresa’s bed. The strip stayed in there through a full day of school!

Someone else found on that had been used as a bookmark in a school novel!

Test strips have also been found…

  • In the yard
  • Frozen in the ice
  • In a salad
  • In the washer and the dryer
  • Fishing tackle box
  • The teacher’s sweater pocket
  • On the back of the toilet tank
  • In a make up kit that was cleaned out on a weekly basis. How do they find their way to these places??
  • In a clean pair of underwear!

and of course…

laugh at life with diabetes test strip on the stove

On the stove!

Strange infusion set locations!

Not to be outdone, we have also found infusion set sites in some very odd places. We have found them in the tub, by the garbage, in the car and even the bottom of my Swifter vac! Always something new.

Fun Diabetes Songs and Poems

Here are some great diabetes poems and tunes that make us laugh at our life with diabetes and appreciate the creative people in our community!

Oh A1c song
Oh A1c

by Alissa

Oh A1c, Oh A1c, I raise my voice to heaven
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, in hopes it’s less than seven
The past three months we’ve had a slump
Despite corrections from the pump
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, just please don’t be eleven

Oh A1c, Oh A1c, we’ve tried to stay in range
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, so it seems very strange
That when I download from her Flash
I see the spikes and then the crash
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, you shall this Mom derange

Oh A1c, Oh A1c, I wake with such a fright
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, to my alarm’s delight
But one day when the Cure has come
I’ll beat that clock until it’s dumb
Oh A1c, Oh A1c, and sleep a silent night

Count the carbs song
Count the Carbs

by Alissa

Count the carbs with cups and scales
Fa la la la la la la la la
Guesstimate when all else fails
Fa la la la la la la la la
Hands and fists are quite a treasure
Fa la la la la la la la la
When without a one cup measure
Fa la la la la la la la la

Factored carbs are even greater
Fa la la la la la la la la
But require a calculator
Fa la la la la la la la la
Units you must designate
Fa la la la la la la la la
Don’t forget to tare the plate!
Fa la la la la la la la la

Candy canes are roughly twenty
Fa la la la la la la la la
You will have to fudge a-plenty
Fa la la la la la la la la
Guess them now and fix it after
Fa la la la la la la la la
Just correct and meet with laughter
Fa la la la la la la la la

I have a little meter
Meter (Dreidel)

By Barbie Paulsen

I have a little meter
I use it through the day,
When finger’s done with bleeding
Then dreidel I can play

Oh, meter, meter, meter
I use it every day
And when I’m done with testing
I throw used strips away (Hah!)

I have a little meter,
It counts down really fast
And keeps a steady record
Of when I tested last


I have a little meter
I take it everywhere
But when I need to use it
Sometimes it isn’t there

no more lows song
No More Lows!

by Alissa

(to the tune of “Let It Snow!”)

Oh the numbers at night are frightful
And the meter now seems spiteful
I’m exhausted and I think it knows
No more lows! No more lows! No more lows!

All this sugar shoving has me praying
That those teeth are not decaying
How much longer is this going to go?
No more lows! No more lows! No more lows!

For a while things worked out right
Numbers were steady till dawn
But now it seems every night
I’m thinking about Glucagon!

Now I’m thinking it would be nifty
If we could see one-fifty
‘Cause the glucose tabs are running low
No more lows! No more lows! No more lows!

rufus the bear
Rufus the Type 1 Brown Bear

by Alissa and Samantha

Rufus the Type 1 Brown Bear
Had to always prick his toes
And if you checked his sugar
You might come to find he’s low

All of the other brown bears
Thought that Rufus had Type 2
So when they had some candy,
They would tell him, “Not for you!”

Then one day a CDE
Helped him to explain,
“I take insulin, you see,
Sugar is just fine for me!”

Then all the brown bears nodded
As they came and shook his hand
“Rufus we’re really sorry,
Now we finally understand!”

Test Strips

by Alissa

(to the tune of “Latkes”)

Test strips, test strips, I see test strips
Not a little, but a lot of test strips
Test strips, test strips, I see test strips
Not a little, but a lot! Of test strips

Test strips are so useful when they show me my bg
But they turn up later, reproducing magically!

Test strips, test strips, I see test strips
Not a little, but a lot of test strips
Test strips, test strips, I see test strips
Not a little but a LOT!!

Diabetes Greeting Cards

Yes, you read that right…diabetes greeting cards! A few weeks ago I received a request from a woman who wanted to promote her greeting cards. After establishing that she wasn’t just some internet troll, I investigated a little further.

This company had a really interesting concept. They were creating cards for people with diabetes but they weren’t stupid. They were actually kind of cute. I will let Nene Adams tell you more about them….

I’m Nene Adams and I’m an insulin dependent Type II diabetic. I’ve also been a greeting card designer since 2007.

diabetes greeting cards

Following a stay of several weeks in the hospital for a diabetes-related medical problem, I was inspired to do some research into diabetes. I learned a lot, including the fact that there seemed to be very few greeting cards designed specifically for diabetics. I thought there needed to be more and better choices for a group of people the mainstream card retailers were ignoring.

diabetes greeting cards

Me and my partner, Corrie Kuipers, have teamed up with a few other talented artists – Doreen Erhardt, Betsy Cush and Sharon Fernleaf – to create a line of greeting cards for children and teenagers/young adults with diabetes. The messages are positive and supportive, not just a generic “get well.” The images are colorful and often humorous in each artist’s distinctive style.

diabetes greeting cards

We hope these cards will help inspire and encourage diabetic kids and their loved ones.

You can find Nene’s cards here

An infusion set mishap…It looks like I’ve been shot.

When you live with type one diabetes, you find humour in some of the strangest places. Like back in 2010, when a tickle fight ended in an infusion set mishap. Let me explain.

It was May and my son admitted that he hadn’t been spending his time mulling over the perfect gifts to purchase for his devoted mother for either Mother’s Day or her birthday. In some countries I am sure his actions would have constituted a hanging offense but in our house in meant that I tackled him, interrupted his Wii game, pinned him down and tickled him. (This was back when I still had a few pounds and an inch or two on him.)

“You’ve pulled out my site!”

The downside to this fun, when you have a child on an insulin pump who wears sites in his leg, is obvious only to those of us who live with diabetes.

After the screams of “I’ve gotta pee!!!!”, came the grumblings of “You pulled out my site!” Thankfully his insulin pump supplies are covered under our provincial insurance. It felt good to say “Well, just go and change it.” Once upon a time, I would have cried at the money that I had just wasted in a ruined infusion set even if it was in the name of fun.

Being a teen, my son was in no rush to change the site. I had visions of high blood sugars for the rest of the evening. The longer he waited, the less insulin he would get, the higher his blood glucose levels would climb.

Nothing a little tape won’t fix

Again, being a teen and being my son, he stated that the site was salvageable and he had simply taped it in place. I was worried. Was the site really still in?

Yes, he assured me as he headed off to the shower. His grumbling about being bested by his mother had been replaced by the comment that if Mom could wrestle him then wrestling with his brother should once again be allowed. It was discontinued after brother’s elbow met son’s eye and left a nasty shiner. I attempted to burst his bubble but he still was quite proud of his logic as he headed off for his marathon shower.

“I look like I’ve been shot!”

bloody infusion set Diabetes Advocacy

After he undressed he proclaimed “Mom, I look like I have been shot!”

What did that mean? He told me that there was blood all over his leg. I said that was it, the site was gone! He had to change his infusion set.

My son proceeded to shower and I never got to really check out the damage. He kindly left the dead and bloodied infusion set in the shower for me though. Ironically the same child was disgusted when he found it on top of an envelope later. I had taken a picture and left it for him. He told me that the site should be in the garbage! Um, who left it in the shower to start with? Oy!

Wondering if an insulin pump could be for you? Check out the pros and cons here.

The stress caused my high blood sugar levels

Last night we were sitting around in the living room enjoying a movie and a few laughs.  My son pulled out his meter to check his blood sugar levels. He was relatively high and began to scroll through his meter. He soon realized that besides tagging if the reading was before or after a meal, you could also say that you were ill, exercising or stressed.

He looked at me and said “I’m 16.9 (305). I think it was the stress that did it.”

stress caused my high blood sugar

“Stress?? We are watching a movie and you are sitting on the couch.  What stress caused your blood sugar levels to rise? You have no stress.”

“No. I’m positive that I am high because of stress. Look right here. See below the reading? Its says “stress”.  The high must has occurred because of stress!” 

Stress continues to raise his blood sugar levels

Ugh! Yes, this is what I have to deal with but it does not end there. The next morning he woke up and again was running a little high.  He again told me that it was because of stress. I suggested it was because he didn’t change the site on his insulin pump the night before. Again, he swore that it was stress.

I suggested that he needed to go outside and shovel out the backdoor which was snowed in.  He said that he couldn’t.  Snow makes him low and being stressed already he really shouldn’t do anything that would add further stress to his body. I reminded him that exercise was a great form of stress relief and it would also help to lower his high bg level. 

Unable to win this battle, he changed the site and then shoveled out our backdoor.

Teens and gadgets…they can be a dangerous combination for parents’ stress levels! I will, however, give him an A for creativity!

Read more about dealing with teens with diabetes.

How ’bout you check my blood glucose for 11 years?

night checks for 11 years Diabetes Advocay

“Mom, you didn’t check my blood glucose last night”
“Yes I did, but if you are worried about it and you are awake maybe you should be checking yourself during the night. It would be great to give me a break after 10 years.”
“A break? That’s okay.”
“But you should get used to checking yourself. If you are awake at night anyway why not give your old Mom a break?”
“How ’bout we go for you checking me every night for eleven years instead?”

That was the conversation I had with my son the other morning. I had to laugh to myself when he suggested that I didn’t check his blood glucose levels. He never wakes up when I do check him unless he is high and needs to use the washroom or hasn’t gone to sleep yet when he was supposed to.

This child sleeps through everything! I drizzled snow on his bare back that very morning to wake him up (after calling him and blaring music) and he continued to sleep. He used to sleep while eating a sandwich after a low. He can sleep while drinking a juice or chewing glucose tablets. Its all a little unnerving but I watch, make sure everything is chewed and swallowed and that he doesn’t choke.

The fact that my son is such a sound sleeper does scare me a bit. He sleeps through the alarms on his pump so a continuous glucose monitor won’t get him out of bed to treat a low. The only upside is that when he sleeps at a friend’s house, he does wake up to the alarm. Well, maybe the friend wakes up to the alarm and gets him moving. Either way, he does check his blood glucose levels at night when he isn’t at my house. He does wake up to the alarm when he is with his father…and then rolls over and sleeps while waiting for Dad to get up and check on him.

The upside to all of this is that he is still young. My son has a few more years before Mom starts to really get on his case about waking up himself. For now, he is spoiled…Mom gets him up, Mom cooks for him, Mom checks his blood glucose for him, and Mom gets his glucose for any night-time lows. If he is really lucky he will marry a girl who will do even half of this but he may be pushing that one!

After 10 years, I am getting tired of waking up for night-time blood glucose checks. I have been waking up through the night for 16 years. Yes long before diabetes came into our lives, so I am sure that I will continue to wake up at all hours for many years to come. If I am waking up I might as well make sure that he is safe and I have checked his blood glucose levels especially since the rest of the conversation went something like this…

“I have to be checked at night. I might go low and die if no one tests me.”

Ouch! I did clarify that he would probably just go low and worst-case scenario have a seizure. Sadly he knows the reality of what can happen. There are some that argue that your body will kick in, you will rebound, and all will be fine except for a nasty high the next morning. This may be the case for many but my son and I have also seen a different outcome. He knows that I have had friends go low at night and never wake up again. It is not a reality that I enjoy my young child being aware of. He takes it in stride but he knows just how deadly diabetes can really be.

If you need help keeping track of your blood glucose readings, take a look at the Diabetes Advocacy Planner. It has tracking pages as well as more information to help you better manage your diabetes care.