Happy Thanksgiving to our diabetes family!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our diabetes family!!

Its been a bit since I sat down and thought of all of the great things that I am thankful for from the diabetes world but I guess today is the perfect time to do just that! So without further ado and in no particular order, I am thankful for…..

  1. Insulin and Sir Frederick Banting…without which my son would not be here with us today!
  2. The incredible diabetes team that has helped us grow to this point.
  3. My support team at home whose strength and willingness to learn and understand makes life that much easier for me.
  4. The amazing friends that I have made because of this horrible disease.  They have been with us through the good and the bad with wisdom, a shoulder, or a kick when needed.
  5. The technologies available to us to keep my son as healthy as possible.
  6. Living in a province that helps me to be able to afford at least some of these great new advances in technology. 
  7. A son that, for the most part, is pretty compliant and is slowly beginning to understand his body and the importance of keeping it healthy…even if he does try to ignore it now and then. 
  8. A family who watches out for my child with diabetes and is there for both of us when we need them. 
  9. Insurance that allows us to pay for test strips and insulin without having to worry about using the grocery money for him to survive.
  10. The ability to share our story and our frustrations with so many people who are struggling down the same river we are, knowing that somehow we will all reach the shore in one piece. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! May your bg levels remain stable, may you enjoy a day with loved ones, and may your meals be feasts to remember!