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"Few chronic conditions require as much vigilance as diabetes. Whether you're working at the office, relaxing by the fireplace or strolling on the deck of a Caribbean cruise-boat, diabetes follows you around like a hungry dog. Diabetes demands your attention day in and day out. You are required to balance your food intake with your exercise routine, to keep track of how much you ate and when you ate, to monitor your blood glucose levels, and possibly to take insulin..." 

The above was taken from Diabetes Dialogue in an article entitled Breaking Free of the Stress Zone by Gabrielle Bauer (Summer 2003, Volume 50 No. 2 Page 8). For us,  it highlights why support is so very vital to all who have had this "hungry dog" move into their house.

Support can be found in families, through diabetes teams, in local support groups, as well as online. www.childrenwithdiabetes.com  offers mailing lists that support both parents, children, and teens as well as chat rooms that can be of great comfort, support, and information. Facebook, TuDiabetes and even Twitter offer many other great connections to the Diabetes Online Community (aka the DOC).

Support Groups

New Brunswick:


Greater Moncton Juvenile Diabetes Support

Nova Scotia:

For support in the Nova Scotia are please check out Diabetes Peer Support Group NS

Nova Scotia Insulin Pumpers Group formerly Insulin Pumpers.ca


Type 1 Diabetes Support Group--Kingston, Ontario

Other Support and Information Websites

Accu-Chek Diabetes Link


Diabetes FAQ

Pumping Insulin
InsulinPumpers.org An exceptionally informative site for those who are pumping insulin or looking to begin insulin pump therapy.   

Support Tools for children

Rufus and Ruby....the bears with Diabetes

Support for children can also be found in various bears such as Rufus and Ruby who both provide comfort and help fund a cure.

Rufus and Ruby, the Bears with Diabetes , have come to symbolize hope and support for those children living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Created by a loving mother, Carol Cramer, after her own son was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. Rufus and Ruby have patches where insulin should be injected, hearts on their paws for glucose testing, and a Medic Alert bracelet on at all times.

These bears can be purchased where ever Russ Bears are sold. A portion of all sales go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In the US, these bears are given to children with Diabetes through the JDRF's Bag of Hope. 

Rufus and Ruby have also become Ambassadors for Diabetes advocacy. Through the Children with Diabetes website, these bears have been able to travel the world and beyond bringing messages of hope and awareness to all they meet.
Rufus truly is a lifeline for children with Type one diabetes as the following pictures show!

According to this little boy's mother "He has been tending Rufus all day. He'll say "Oh no. Rufus is low. Gotta do a blood test." We've only had him 5 hours and I think poor Rufus has caught up to him on blood tests! (He's probably up to about 125 blood tests! 6 times a day for three weeks) He does the blood test and injection on Rufus all by himself. It is very sweet to watch."


Other support "critters"

accuchek Can be purchased through the  AccuChek website


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