Mothers Day Ideas for Diabetes moms

It is May once again and that means Mothers Day will soon be here!

Finding the perfect Mothers Day gift can be a huge challenge. I often struggle to come up with the perfect idea for my mom and have an even harder time when my kids ask me to come up with ideas for their diabetes mom. 

This year I thought I would give you a few gift ideas that I think mothers with diabetes and mothers of children with diabetes might truly enjoy.  Whether you have a lot to spend or nothing at all, here are things that Mom is sure to love!


Myabetic bag

Myabetic has incredible bags and accessories for people living with diabetes.  You can scroll through many amazing styles and designs.  One is bound to be just perfect for your special diabetes mom!

Tah Handcrafted Jewelry

Tah ring

I love this place.  Years ago I purchased an awareness ring and the customer service was fantastic.  A quick scroll through their Facebook page shows that they are still producing gorgeous items that will definitely appeal to your mom.

Sugardrop Sweetwear

sweat shirt

Sugardrop is a great clothing line started by an inspirational young woman with diabetes. Get Mom a fun hoodie or tshirt that she will love! This one is on my wishlist!

Spa Day for your diabetes mom

spa day

Whether you send Mom for a day of pampering or create one yourself, Mothers Day is the perfect time to remind Mom to take time for herself. 

Tea or Wine Time

give wine

Find Mom that perfect mug or glass and allow her to fill it with the beverage of her choice.  Whether she is a tea drinker, a coffee lover, or enjoys a lovely glass of wine at the end of the day, pick up a special treat for her and allow her the time to truly unwind with it.

Book Lovers Heaven

diabetes books

If Mom is like me, you can never go wrong with a book. Find her a great new read (we have some awesome ones here) or give her a gift card and allow her to choose one of her own. Once again, make sure that you also help your diabetes mom to have some private time so she can enjoy her new book and recharge herself.

Coupons are a great gift for the diabetes mom in your life.

coupons are a great gift for diabetes moms

Give Mom coupons for things like a night of uninterrupted sleep when someone else will handle the diabetes care.  Give her a coupon for a lunch made just for her by you. Think of other tasks that Mom could use a little help with and add them in as well.  Allow her to redeem the coupons on days when she just needs a little break.

Time with you is the best gift for any mom.

time together with your diabetes mom is the best gift

This honestly is the absolute best gift of all.  Plan a day with Mom or even just a few hours.  Make it all about both of you! Schedule a walk in the park, take in a movie or meet for a coffee.  Time for just the two of you to make memories will be the best gift you can give.

What is your favourite Mothers Day memory? Which gift stands out in your mind? We’d love to know!

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