Lettuce, Needles, Insulin, Sites…Oh my!

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Diabetes is expensive.

It is not a statement that needs debate.

It is not a statement that requires a disclaimer. Diabetes is expensive.

In order to stay healthy, a person with diabetes requires daily supplies that can include everything from candies or some sort of sugar for lows, insulin to sustain life and combat highs, test strips to check and see where blood glucose levels are and much,much  more.

They, like everyone else on the planet, require healthy meals filled with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and lean protein.  Shopping for healthy foods is expensive.

Diabetes related medical supplies, healthy meals…they are all costly but if a person with diabetes is not purchasing these items and keeping themselves healthy then the costs continue to go up for themselves and for society.

A person with diabetes who does not or cannot take proper care of themselves will find themselves sick.  This often means that they will miss time from work.  Missed work means less tax dollars for the governments and a strain for the employers.

If the person with diabetes finds themselves in an even worse physical state, they may need to be hospitalized.  We have talked before about how expensive that can be.

What is the solution? I can’t say that I know for certain.

We need access to the best supplies and training for all individuals.  How would that best be done? Again, I am not sure but my thoughts run along the lines of improved private plans in the workplace. I would also like to see the availability of expanded insulin pump programs in all provinces or at least access to income based subsidies for these items.

Right now families having to fundraise to purchase the basic supplies for their loved ones. There is something fundamentally wrong with that in my opinion.

We need more reasonable access to “healthy” groceries.  Last week, I went to pick up a few things for the weekend.  I have developed a gluten intolerance and my partner is currently on a weight program that provides him with most of his own food.  This means that I was buying only fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.  I did splurge and buy two small roasts as well.  Our total bill for three bags of groceries was over $160.

In Canada, and in other countries I am certain, we need change.  A “Sugar tax” has been thrown around repeatedly as an option but many people with diabetes see that as a slap. Sugar is what keeps them alive when insulin fails them.  They pay for supplies. They pay for healthy food and now they will be penalized for the sugar that may save their lives. There is something wrong with that.

There is still a lot to do still.  The answers are not always as clear as they first appear but we will keep working. We will keep trying to keep people with diabetes alive and healthy…until there is a cure.

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