He’s Got This

calling momIts 7am. My phone rings.

“Mom, what is the pump log?”

“It is probably a sheet for you to put all of your pump information as well as everything you ate and bolused for the past 5 days.”

“But I put that on the other sheet.”

“They send out two sheets. One is for those on injections to fill out and one is for pumpers.  It doesn’t matter which sheet you used as long as you provide them with all of the information that they need.”


I hung up and began my day.  My son was heading off to what could be his last appointment at his diabetes clinic.  He will be 18 at his next appointment and will most likely be transitioning to adult care. Oddly, this was not the first appointment that he has gone to without me but he seemed to want to get this one right. I was impressed.

At 10am I got my second call…”Mom, can you go into the pump manual and figure out where I find my Insulin Sensitivity?”

I dug around in the closet, pulled out the pump box, found the manual and began searching through pages.  I gave him the instructions and took a guess at the answer.  I was wrong.  I guess I am a bit more out of the loop than I thought.

I wished him luck and he continued on with his appointments.

Later that day I asked him how things went.  He told me that he is done with the clinic. They will refer him to something a bit closer to home for all subsequent appointments. I asked if he had been referred to a new doctor. He said no, his doctor was keeping him on for another year.

He was looking forward to a new doctor so I asked him how this appointment went. He said it was great! It was short (could that be because he actually was prepared, looked like he knew what he was doing and they didn’t have to pry answers out of him??).  They were both happy.  There were no A1c results because he only went to get his blood work done the day before his appointment but he would live for another six months so all was good.

The day was an interesting experience for me as the mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes.  My son was/is independent in his daily care and now in his medical care as well.  Despite that, he knows that he always has a someone who will help him whenever he calls.  I no longer hover with advice or suggestions (well not a lot) but he knows that if he presses my number, I will help no matter what.  That is a very good feeling.


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