Fourteen Years Since the World Exploded

14 years ago today my world turned upside down. It was not a fork in the road. It was not a minor blip on the radar of life. A bomb exploded and it forever changed the landscape of my life.

14 years ago this morning, I was looking at a sick little boy in my arms and was waiting to be able to take him in to see our doctor.  I was ignorant of what was to come.

14 years later, my son is a young man making his own decisions and stretching his wings…who just happens to live with Type 1 diabetes.  I am stumbling to come to terms with my new role of no longer being a hands on mom and often find myself looking back to see what I have done in hopes of figuring out where I will go next.

14 years have brought many changes.  Insulin pumps are more readily available and continuous glucose monitors are no longer things found in hospitals that are blinded for 7 days.  They are real tools that families and individuals are using in real-time to help fine tune their care.

14 years ago, diabetes threatened to take the life of my son.  Today he is strong, vibrant and learning how to handle his disease.  Diabetes does not control him. Its just his “thing” to live with.

We have not always seen smooth sailing. We have had our moments.  He has driven me crazy at times–failing to test or change infusion sets. He still can drive me nuts. I have yelled at him because of my own failings and frustrations.  We are not perfect but we are living. As the commercial says, we are living with diabetes. It stops him from little.

Diabetes has brought me the most incredible friendships.  I have friends throughout the world who have reached out at various times in my life to help me up or shove me forward. I hope I have done the same for them.

14 years seems like such a long time and yet I can see us back in that ICU just like it was yesterday.  Some things you never forget…my son has but I haven’t. Instead, on days like today,  I look back and say thank you! Thank you to the doctors and specialists that kept him alive and have taught us through the years.  Thank you to the Higher Power that has been with us through it all. Thank you to the friends and family who have joined us on this journey. Thank you for 14 years of good health and improved technology!

Diabetes sucks but life after diabetes…well its still life and that is pretty amazing!



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5 thoughts on “Fourteen Years Since the World Exploded”

  1. My 8 year old son was diagnosed on friday night and is still in hospital. Type 1. I feel so empty inside cause I couldnt protect him from this. I know we will get through this just hard. Thanks for sharing

    1. I am so sorry that you have had to join us with a diabetes diagnosis. If there is any way that I can help, please feel free to contact me. There are many fabulous resources online now. Take a moment, breathe, and you will all make it through…one step at a time.

  2. I’m tearing up reading this blog post. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I wish you and your son and family nothing but continued health and peace dealing with this 24/7/365 disease. My 10-yr old is going on his 1 year D-anniversary on May 11th. I cannot imagine what I’ll be writing or thinking when he is at his 14th year..which would make him going on 25! I’m sure by that time I will NOT be as hands-on but I know I will always be as concerned as I am today and I will remember that fateful day. God Bless you and stay strong.

  3. This story could so be my family and myself. My son was 11 when he was dx’d 3/16/01. Our lives were turned upside down. The last couple of years have been very rough. Seems he is going thru some kind of diabetic rebellion. Admitted to ICU six times within the last eleven months for DKA. The ER drs told me that they see thos rebellion ans that he will come thru it. He got on the pump about six or eight weeks ago and bs has been much better. A normal bs before pump was ALWAYS over 200. Since pump bs has been average of 150. A1C has come down from 13 to 11 and I’m very optomistic that it will continue to come down. I believe the pump may be the answer. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers.

    1. Hoping so as well! The upside is if he is feeling better (more in range numbers) hopefully he will realize that keeping himself in range is worth the inconvenience. Good luck to you both but looks like you are on the right track!

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