Enjoying the outdoors…with diabetes!

Getting ready for a day on the snow…

Sled is on the trailer–check
Helmets are in the truck–check
Gloves are packed–check
Warm hats for under the helmets–check
Long underwear–check
Woolie socks–check
Good boots–check

Now for the pockets…
Lip balm–check
Cash just in case–check
Cell phone–check
Turned off the data so you don’t kill the battery searching for Internet–check
Glucose tablets–check
Syringe in case the pump dies–check
Hand cleaner–check

I was so busy filling my pockets with things that I did forget a scarf for my neck. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold so my coat and three shirts kept me warm.

And so we headed out for a day on the snow…with diabetes coming along for the ride of course!

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