Diabetes Zen

“Mom! Did you pack the Glucagon?”

Wow! Really? My son asked if I packed his glucagon kit?  Can I be excited? I know that it does not mean that he will be diligent about his care. I know that it doesn’t mean that he will test but it does seem like a step in the right direction–even a baby step.  He at least knows that he “should” have it with him at all times.

He has gone to spend some time with his father. He will spend two weeks without me saying “test” and “what did you bolus for that?”. He will be in Heaven and I will worry.  I will text.  He will answer when he feels like it.  I will try to enjoy two weeks without night testing but will wake up multiple times during the night away. I will hope that he is having fun…and worry about all of the things that teen boys do when they are away from the prying eyes of their mother.

I am hoping for better things this trip.  His last visit was a diabetes nightmare with less than the minimal of testing.  I am not expecting to see him test nearly as often as I would like but hopefully he will test.  I am also planning on a new approach when he  comes home. I have tried it the past few times we have looked over his readings and it has worked. It takes a lot of effort on my part, but instead of freaking out and getting frustrated at what he doesn’t do, I have praised what he did do!  When looking at three days and I see that one of those days had a lot of missed readings, I no longer ask,  “why did you miss this test, this one, and that one?” Instead, again with a lot of effort on my part (and a few bite marks on my tongue) I have said that he seemed to have an off day but he picked it up on the next day.

I am not sure  who is more shocked at my response, him or me! The effort is worth it though because he seems to stay involved and engaged in the conversation rather than his usual glazing over and tuning me out.  Now, let’s hope I can remember…and practice this new method of diabetes Zen when he comes home in two weeks! zen_frog

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