Diabetes Blog Week Memories

How did it happen? Diabetes Blog Week is coming to an end already. I admit that it has been a huge challenge to take part this year.  It happened to fall on the week of my stepson’s wedding.  This meant that while I did my very best to have posts ready to go a bit ahead of time, I really didn’t get the chance to read as many posts as I wanted. I plan to make up for that next week!

I am not sure how many of the past six years of Blog Weeks that I have participated but I have to thank Karen so much for doing this! Each year I find the topics intriguing and find more and more people to follow and read.

As I said, I still have many more posts to read (and I do plan to read a lot more and continue reading them long after this week has ended). Of the ones that I have read, a few have struck me for different reasons.  Thank you to Arden’s Day for opening your blog to guest bloggers.  I have enjoyed Scott’s posts and of course loved his book but his post from Kelly Griffin really touched me.  My son is very private about his diabetes care and her words gave me a better understanding of him.

I absolutely loved reading Rick Phillips post called Wearing your Pants Backwards.  This quirky view on life in general was perfect and fits very much with the attitude of myself and my children.

The absolute, without a doubt best, more inspirational and moving post that I read this week had to be from Life on T1.  Alanna’s open and honest post struck me and brought tears to my eyes on so many levels.  I have heard many wonderful things about Alanna in the past but when this post came up in my news feed…well do yourself a favor and read it especially if you are a woman. Heck, if you are a person, you should read Alanna’s Clean Out.

Of course, Diabetes Blog Week also gave me a chance to catch up on the writing of old favorites like Mike from the Corner Booth. Whether posting on his own blog or writing for Diabetes Mine, Mike’s writings are always great to read.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by this week to read and leave comments. I appreciate your kind words and I look forward to keeping up with many more of you in the coming year!thank-you

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  1. Barb:

    Thank you so much for you comment about wearing our pants backward. I am inspired by that little guy I met almost two years ago. As the dad of two men and the grandfather of three, I hope they can learn to somedays wear their pants backwards. It makes life much more interesting.

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