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Diabetes Advocacy is a website filled with hundreds of pages of knowledge, resources, and support for those living with type 1 diabetes.

We have pages of information on navigating your way through tax-relief programs, information on choosing the best insulin delivery system for you as well as quirky tales from our own life with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Advocacy strives to help you to deal with the physical, emotional and financial sides of living with diabetes.

Over the years, we have worked to become a voice for those living with Type 1 diabetes. It has been heard by politicians on both provincial and federal levels. In the 2004, Diabetes Advocacy was instrumental in the reforming of the Disability Tax Credit which now allows people living with Type 1 diabetes to receive some financial relief. We have also worked to improve access to devices and supplies for those living with diabetes in Canada, as well as assisting in defining the rights of children with diabetes in schools.

The driving force behind Diabetes Advocacy


Barb Wagstaff is the driving force behind Diabetes Advocacy. Her youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just two years old. (You can read their story here.)

After spending close to 20 years in the diabetes community, she understands the highs and lows of living with this disease. Barb now dedicates much of her time and energy to providing people with diabetes support, education and tools that help them to live their best life with diabetes.

Barb is not a doctor but she has played one in real life

Barb has a degree in Psychology and is a Certified Life Coach but has no medical training. Raising a child with type 1 diabetes has provided her with a sharp learning curve. In an attempt to give him the most normal life possible, Barb has spent hours researching, learning, and meeting with experts and researchers in the world of type one diabetes care. It is this self-taught education that has led her to advocate, share and offer support to people living with diabetes throughout Canada and the world.

You can learn more about Diabetes Advocacy in our media kit.

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You can contact Diabetes Advocacy through email at advocacy@diabetesadvocacy.com

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While we do not currently receive any federal or private grants, individuals can continue to support our work through purchases in our digital store.  We also accept affiliate links and sponsored ads that are in keeping with our brand. If you would like to further assist or advertise your authorized diabetes-related item on this site, please contact us.

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