Bolus Worthy

Today’s Diabetes Blog Week prompt asks about food.  More specifically it asks us to describe a typical day of eating.  I asked my son at the beginning of the week to do this for one day and send me what he ate.  He told me that yesterday morning he was low so he had some orange juice and around lunch time he ate two cereal bars because he had run out of bread for sandwiches.  This seemed like a pretty light day especially for him.  He said that since I wanted to know what he ate, it was easier to eat less.  So much for that idea!

Like many people with diabetes, my son has heard, “Oh I would offer you one but I know you are a diabetic and can’t have that.”  Of course, like everyone with Type 1 diabetes, the only thing my son can’t eat are poison…and cookies with poison. For every other food, he does his best to balance insulin to what he eats.  And being a teen, he can eat!

I am not sure if it is because of  diabetes and spending a life time educated on nutrition and exercise, if its him or if it is a phase but my son has become very mindful of what he eats.  It is not uncommon for him to sit down to a tin of tuna and a cup of green tea.  He enjoys his fruits and yoghurt.  He can make a mean smoothie (according to him).

He is human however and he is a teen, so he also enjoys certain treats especially when he comes to visit Mom.  He loves his grilled cheese sandwiches. He can eat a pot of boiled eggs for breakfast if given the opportunity. He requests homemade mac and cheese when he arrives.  He enjoys eating snowballs and can demolish a berry pie if allowed.  He can nibble at a tray of cookies or leave an apple with nothing but the stalk.

When he goes to A&W and orders a Grandpa burger meal, does he stay in range? Rarely but he also does not do it every day.  Each time is a challenge to balance the fat, protein and carbs but he does it. He feels it is definitely worth the effort.  Those high effort, high insulin foods are known as “bolus worthy”.  They are the foods whose taste far outweighs any aggravation after the fact.

At 17, my son is very aware of his body.  He lifts weights.  He watches his food intake, not just because he happens to have diabetes but because he wants to stay fit and healthy.  I think he has managed to handle the issue of food very well. Nothing is off-limits–a banana split for lunch? Why not!  Anything in moderation–well his idea of moderation anyway!

Homemade black forest birthday cake...definitely bolus worthy

Homemade black forest birthday cake…definitely bolus worthy

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3 thoughts on “Bolus Worthy”

  1. It’s so interesting, how when we “know” we’re going to do things like this, we eat so much better –at least, we’re tempted to. Makes you think about all the food logs we had to do back in the day. Anyhow, sounds like a good guy and knows what he’s doing, even if there’s some indulges. We all deserve them! Thanks for sharing this.

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