Beam me over Scottie!

The other day I woke up to a text on my phone that read…

“Text me when you get up.”

It was my youngest son.   His site fallen out during the night. He had changed it only to have the second one kink. He had been vomiting, spilling ketones, and needed a bit of encouragement on the best way to move forward.  After injections and no sleep, he was slowly on the road to recovery by the time I was talking to him.

Having had a good sleep, I felt guilty. I wished that there had been some way to beam myself to his bedside and allow him some relief during the night. There isn’t. This is his life to deal with. I can’t do anything about it nor can I be much more than a voice at the end of the phone or a text message in the middle of the night. That is what happens when our babies grow up.

Despite that, my imagination began to wander.  With the world so vast and so many different time zones, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could beam ourselves to another’s side? I am usually up for the day when my friends in the Pacific time zones are doing a 3am bg check. I could cover that. I could handle the lows and correct the highs that mess with their sleep.

What a relief that would be if you could just ask a trusted friend in another time zone to twitch their nose and be there for you or your child when you are just too exhausted to do it yourself.  Who would need CGMs or artificial pancreases? We could have a great network all over the world reaching out and helping each other!

Who am I kidding, technology and a cure would be much better.  Would you really want to wake up to find your friend standing over you in your bedroom? Your bed-head hairdo at its finest and a person that you only know through Facebook giving you juice or a report on your child’s failed site? Okay, it’s a little creepy. A cure would be best but it does create a lot of great imagery!


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