Another Corner Turned

The weekly bg reading review that I had dictated in September has long gone by the wayside. I occasionally ask about readings on the phone or over text conversations but I try to keep it to a minimal.  If my son gets into real trouble, he calls or texts me with his SOS.  Diabetes care is remaining in the periphery of our relationship as he strives to make it on his own. We still talk about care and I still like to know what is going on but I think I truly have turned a corner in my new role and acceptance of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that we have a phone conversation about his readings in the coming days.  My son told me that he had an upcoming appointment with his CDE.  I then suggested that we wait until after the appointment and then we could discuss what was or wasn’t done and see how we felt about it.

My son thought that was a great idea and we set our new date to chat.  Last week that day arrived.  I knew that my son’s readings had been uploaded by his educator (my son has managed to lose two cables for his pump and I feel bad contacting our rep for a third one). I went online to see what the readings looked like.

As I opened the screen I laughed and laughed.  There were a lot of boluses and insulin cartridge fills but I only saw two readings. I laughed some more! For a change, it was not me who got to look at no data and try to sort things out. It wasn’t me to go…”What gives?” only to be told that he had used other meters but didn’t have them with him. This was not my problem.  I laughed some more.

It felt good to have that burden lifted. Whether there were or were not readings, I was not the one who would bang their head in frustration and begin the tedious task of trying to track down information. The smile remained on my face.

Later that evening I called my son and we discussed his appointment.  It had gone well. He had readings on a different meter and the two of them had discussed the area my son knew was a problem.  My son was pleased that he wasn’t told what to do but asked his opinion on the problem.  Suggestions were made by both parties and my son left happy.

Mom wasn’t needed.  For a change, that felt okay.  My son was happy. He had made his own decisions. He had been able to talk to someone about his care and share his knowledge. It was a win-win situation as far as I could tell.

I will still call and talk readings. I will still be here to troubleshoot and to cheer from the sidelines but my son really is taking charge. He can do this. I always knew he could but the fact that he is doing it makes me feel a bit better…well for today anyway.


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2 thoughts on “Another Corner Turned”


    I just googled diabetes on Metronews because the Toronto Star now has a pay wall and came up with this article. I think the article means London Ontario. Maybe, this research will get us public funding for CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring system) sensors and transmitters. 75% of private plans now offer funding. There is an all-candidates meeting tonight (May 26, 2014 @ 6:45 pm at the Seniors’ Centre (formerly Portsmouth Public School) on healthcare in Ontario organized by the Kingston Health Coaliton and the Anglican Faith and Justice Committee (?) [I may have the name of that organization wrong.]

  2. There comes a time in every parents life when we have to take that first leap of faith and let the fledgling fall or fly. Our breath is held, our heart is beating faster and faster, and we start to hyperventilate. What if? Did I tell him or her? Will they remember? What will happen if? And then it happens……………… they are falling and seem so helpless. For once we cannot reach out and catch them, but, as the precious moments continue to tic down they seem to rally and with a beat of their wings they lift themselves into the sky and prepare to strike out on their own. This is the moment we have worked for all our lives as parents and now the next generation takes to the sky and prepares to live a life of their own, but rest assured we are not far from their thoughts and this is only the beginning because they will have so many questions to ask and advice to seek but it will now be on their terms and in their timeline.

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