ACCU-CHEK® Subscription Boxes

Last month I received an email about something new coming out from the people at Roche. It wasn’t a new meter but in a way it was a cool new tool–for your mind, body and soul!

Each month, subscribers will receive a box filled with items that are meant to provide consumers with an exposure to  new and fun natural and health-focused products, expand discovery, and add a little joy to create an experience people living with diabetes look forward to. Examples of products include:

    • eos: smooth sphere lip balm
    • Deep Steep: hand cream-rosemary mint
    • Smooch: mango, pineapple & banana fruit snack
    • Quinn Popcorn: Parmesan & Rosemary
    • Aroma Naturals: therapeutic lip care

The ACCU-CHEK® subscription boxes will be available to US consumers in the coming weeks. There will be  three different subscription options consumers can choose from and the cost ranges from $20-$45 based on which box a consumer chooses. The options are available on the website,

I was lucky enough to have been able to see one of these subscription boxes myself and was impressed by what I saw.

AccuChekThere was this sturdy box that made me feel like it must be my birthday, waiting for me to open it.






Inside was a lovely surprised wrapped in pretty, lavender tissue paper.  I was still feeling pretty special!









As I opened up the box, I found 50 test strips for the Aviva Plus, cherry vanilla lip balm that I instantly had to try out, some sort of fruit juice or sauce thing that I will test out on a small child…or my son depending on who gets to it first.  There was also a body cream that smelled divine.  It seems a bit light to my liking but the scent definitely made up for that. The final scent and package has left me intrigued. It is a package of Parmesan and rosemary microwave popcorn. I have to admit that I have never had popcorn like that before. The smell is lovely, I am not sure how I will like the taste but I am willing to try.









IMG_2897And a card explaining it all.







This is definitely a fun package. As for the value, well, the test strips alone pays for the box however, if you have insurance I am not sure that you would feel the same way. Personally, I found the box a delightful treat.  If I was living with diabetes, would I want this service? I am not sure but I do think that Roche is on the right track with these boxes. Treating diabetes is more than just about meters and insulin.  Diabetes care needs a holistic approach and anything that makes you feel better is definitely a huge plus in my opinion.

Disclosure:  I did receive my package free for me to view, but received no other influence or compensation for this post.


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