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Life Coaching Service FAQs...


What is life coaching?

The Certified Coaching Federation defines life coaching as a way to help individuals lives their lives to the fullest by introducing new perspectives to help them realized hidden potential.  Life coaches offer tools to identify limiting beliefs that sabotage growth.  Good coaching naturally creates an arena to build new expanding, constructive beliefs  Life coaching helps individuals indentify strengths and weaknesses and provides strategies for personal development based on their client's strengths. 


Life coaches are not counselors or therapists but provide a system that makes it easier for their clients to achieve their goals.


Who can benefit from a life coach?

Those who feel stuck and need help finding that next step.

People who have an important decision to make but need more clarity on the issues.

Those who want to make or are making important life or work changes.

People who want to focus on taking steps to improve their overall health.

Those who would like a new perspective on how live in a more positive way.

People who are looking to find balance in their lives.

Those who are taking action in any area of their lives.




Please contact me first for a 30 minute free introductory session.  It is important that you feel comfortable with your coach before you begin life coaching sessions.


Rates are set in packages that fit your needs.  Pricing will be discussed during your free session.

Please note that coaching comes with a three month commitment to the process.


Sessions are done via Skype, in person, or via telephone (note long distance charges may apply) at set at mutually convenient times.



Please always contact a physician before beginning any new exercise regimen or making changes to medication or insulin regimen.


Life Coaching is NOT counselling and does not constitute medical advice. Mental health issues will be referred to a medical professional.


Emails are not secure messaging and all responsibility for information shared is assumed by the client.