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online shopping Diabetes Advocacy exists through the support of people like yourselves. Purchases made through the online store are safe and secure and directly support the work of this website and its efforts.


There are a variety of diabetes related products to appeal to many tastes.


If you enjoy the website, please consider looking through our store for gifts for yourself, loved ones and friends.

Please remember that while items are always made as close to the picture as possible, all items are handmade and  it may not be possible to replicate all designs exactly in all sizes. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal or greater value if necessary.
All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

 AnkletsBlanket Charms Ear rings Key Chains
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Pink Awareness Anklet
8.5" elasticized anklet made of pink Chinese and Swarovski
crystals complimenting a silver toned awareness ribbon

Pink Awareness Anklet $15.00
awareness ankletCrystal and Fuchsia Awareness Anklet
9" anklet made of 4mm Swarovski crystals, fuchsia glass beads, sterling silver spacer beads and silver toned awareness ribbon
Crystal and Fuchsia Awareness anklet $15.00
awareness ankletBlue Shell Awareness Anklet
9.25 inch anklet with sterling silver awareness ribbon, blue faceted beads, clear seed beads and blue shell beads

Blue Shell Awareness Anklet $15.00
 blue butterfly ankletBlue Butterfly Awareness Anklet
10" anklet made of capri blue Swarovski crystals, silver toned butterfly spacers, 20mm glass focal bead, and silver toned awareness charm. 
Blue Butterfly Awareness Anklet $18.00
green crackle anklet Green Crackle Awareness Anklet
10.25" anklet made with green glass crackle beads, sterling silver spacers, lampwork focal bead, and sterling silver cure ribbon.
Green Crackle Awareness anklet $16.00
 blue and white awareness anklet Blue and White Awareness Anklet
10.5" lampwork anklet made of Swarovski crystals, sterling silver spacer beads and 20mm glass lampwork focal beads with silver toned awareness ribbon.
Blue and White Awareness Anklet$18.00
ankletFun with Orange Diabetic Anklet.
10.5" anklet made with yellow flower beads, orange millefiori beads, 4mm Swarovski crystals, and gold toned "diabetic" charm.
Fun with Orange "diabetic" anklet $15.00
Heartfelt Diabetes Awareness Anklet
10.5" anklet with red glass beads, 10mm faux pearls, 6mm Siam colored Swarovski crystal and silver toned awareness ribbon.
Heartfelt Awareness Anklet $18.00
anklet Royal Blue Millefiori anklet

with "diabetes" charm. Fits 9 inch ankles.One only


ankletBlue and Orange Millefiori Anklet

Adjustable up to 10.5 inches with diabetes charm.

One only



ankletAventurine and White Diabetes Anklet

9 inch with diabetes charm  One Only



cure ankletCure Ribbon Anklet
8.5" anklet with 4 and 6mm Swarovski and Chinese Crystals as well as Swarovski slider and silver toned "cure" ribbon.

Cure Ribbon Anklet $17.00
ankletMauve Lampwork Diabetes Anklet9.5 inch long mauve anklet with gold toned spacers and "diabetes" charm. One Only

ankletAmethyst Cure Anklet.
10" anklet with 6mm
Amethyst gemstones, 4mm Swarovski crystals, 4mm
Chinese crystals, and 4mm sterling silver balls
on elasticized thread.

Amethyst Cure Anklet $22.00
ankletAqua and White Diabetes Anklet
12' glass and acrylic beaded anklet with silver toned "diabetes" charm and extra large clasp.



Insulin is not a cure Blanket

pig blanket "Insulin is NOT a cure" Blanket is 62 inches wide by 48 inches long. Fillet crocheted. Original pattern. Handmade, one of a kind!

Wish to make your own blanket? The "Insulin is not a cure" pattern is now available as well. The pdf file will be emailed to you within 72 hours of the order being received.
$3.99 PDF pattern

d toque D'Toque.  21" handmade winter toque in cream with blue diabetes circle

d toque D'Toque for youth.  19" handmade toque in cream with pale blue diabetes circle.

Our bracelet page is filled with a variety of sizes and designs of medical tag, diabetes charms, as well as advocacy ribbon bracelets.  Each bracelet is uniquely created with designs for both the young and the young at heart.

Autumn Flowers diabetic Bracelet pandora style bracelet bracelet bracelet


Charms and tags

Click on images for larger pictures.

amethyst charm danglew18 KGP Amethyst Crystal Charm Dangle

This bead is hung from a large holed bale making it suitable for European style charm bracelets and chain or leather necklaces. It has a finished length of about 3.5 to 4cm (1"-1.5"). 

$1.50 per charm dangle.

angel charmsTibetan silver Angel Charm Dangle

Fits most European style charm bracelets.  Sold in packages of two beads.

$2.25 for two angel charm dangles.

mom charmTibetan Silver Plate European Style Mom Beads

Fit most European style bracelets. Bead is 12mm x 11.5mm x 7.5mm with 4.5 mm hole.  Sold in packages of three beads.

Mom Beads $2.00 for set of three

sneakerSneaker Charm

Fits most European style bracelets


snoopyDog Charm

Silver toned beagle charm

Silver toned beagle dog charm $1.75

santa pewter charmsTibetan Silver Santa charms

Santa Charm Dangles $2.50 for set of two
Medical tag $5.00

diabetes charm SILVER tonePewter "Diabetes" Medical charm

Silver Toned Pewter "diabetes" Medical charm $4.00 each
  diabetes charmNow available for your Pandora style charm bracelets!
Diabetes charms ready to slide on existing bracelets.

We have hypoallergenic ear rings!

amethyst earrings
Amethyst and Crystal Earrings $12.00
Native earrings
 Native Feather Earrings $7.00
Sterling Awareness Ear rings
Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbon Earrings $10.00
Pink and Green Awareness
2.5" long Pink and green Awareness Earrings $7.00
pink butterfly earrings
Pink Swarovski crystal butterfly awareness earrings $12.00
Silver Toned Earrings
Silver Ribbon Awareness Earrings $4.00
Awareness Earrings with Red Crystals $6.00


Key chains

diabetes keychain "I wear a gray ribbon for the cure"

  2 inch metal key chains to show your support for diabetes awareness.
I wear grey for the cure key chain $5.00


Fabulous styles for men, women and youth. Awareness necklaces as well as Medical Charm necklaces are available in a variety of designs.

Black leather medical necklace   aventurine Elegance necklace                                                       

Other Services


Advocacy Coaching


Life Coaching


Diabetes Advocacy offers assistance in filling out the T2201.  We will print off the T2201 as well as any requests for reassessment years, fill in the forms and indicate where you and your doctor need to sign, as well as provide you with a detailed letter stating why people with diabetes now qualify for the DTC.  We are not tax accountants but are well versed regarding the Disability Tax Credit and those with diabetes.  Please make sure that your doctor will support your claim.  This fee is for filling out the appropriate forms for you only. We do not guarantee your success but will assist you with any further issues you may have.  

 $140.00 + Xpress post shipping.  Upon receipt of payment, a list of questions will be emailed to you to assist with the completion of your package. Please remember that this fee is for the filling out of the T2201 and accompanying documents. We do not guarantee your success but will assist with further issues.  Please further note that we do not take a percentage of your return. This is a flat fee paid one time per application.

etransferFull payment of $160.00 ($140 for service and $20 for shipping) can be etransferred via your online banking. Please send payments to advocacy @ diabetesadvocacy.com
Security question: service requested.  Answer: DTC 
Please ensure that you also follow up with an email so that we can contact you directly for details on your package.

Want to do it yourself?

Diabetes Advocacy now offers you a step by step guidebook in electronic form or a hardcopy booklet.


Book format




T-shirts  and more are now available through our Zazzle Store!!

From the Diabetes Advocacy Zazzle Store

Diabetes Advocacy Logo T-Shirt
Diabetes Advocacy Logo T-Shirt by DiabetesAdvocacy
Mens Diabetes Advocacy T-Shirt
Mens Diabetes Advocacy T-Shirt by DiabetesAdvocacy
Diabetes Advocacy Coffee Mug
Diabetes Advocacy Coffee Mug by DiabetesAdvocacy


Each piece of jewellery offered here is made with any combination of the following:
Sterling Silver Clasps Sterling Silver Beads
Bali Beads Base Metal Beads
Tibetan Silver beads

Swarovski Crystals Imported Glass Beads
Hand Made Glass Beads Natural and/or semi-precious stones
All jewellery pieces are hand made and designed  for us! Each piece is available in limited quantities. Items may not always be exactly as shown in pictures but will be exceptionally close at all times. New pieces being presented all the time so you will see something almost new every time you visit our store! Drop by often to see our latest creations!!

If you are not satisfied with your item, we will refund the purchase price if contacted within 30 days of purchase.