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Are you working to make changes in your community?

I have spent many years working as an advocate and now would love to share techniques,

ideas and things that work with you. 

Sessions can be booked via email.


Life coaching

Are you having difficulty coming to terms with life with diabetes? Do you need some assistance getting back on track? Life coaching might be an option.  Message us to learn more.


Advocacy Initiatives

Support the US JDRF Coverage 2 Control Campaign here


Diabetes Advocacy's Latest Blog Posts


Fiasp Insulin.  The New Kid on the Block

8 Things that Diabetes has taught me

What if people with diabetes weren't subject to blame and criticism?

Diabetes is an exceptionally costly disease.

Diabetes is not a joke. Diabetes kills.

What Parents of Children with Diabetes want you to know
What you should know about the RDSP
Diabetes Diagnosis day...It slipped my mind
Children with diabetes are still not safe in schools.
It will happen and you will be okay
A Step in His Socks
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New Age, New Worries


diabetes newsDiabetes in the News


Beyond Type 1 launches 10 week summer bike program


New law helps Virginia students with diabetes


JDRF encourages choice through the Coverage2Control campaign


Eric Paslay treats peds patients to private concert in Boston.


A Sweetlife's look at Apple's dip in the diabetes treatment pool


How to legally stock up on insulin before a disaster


Diabetes Canada urging BC politicians to make diabetes a priority


When it is safe to drive with diabetes?


How to use long last insulin


Change is coming for people living with diabetes in Australia


The Human Range Experiment


Medicare Spells out CGM coverage


The diabetes community mourns the loss of Mary Tyler Moore


Room for improvement in the transition to adult diabetes care


FDA approves Meditronic's first stage closed loop insulin pump


Soaring insulin prices have diabetics feeling the pain


Great photographic journalism...Pump Strong




diabetes research newsThe Latest News in Diabetes Research


Benefits of CGM to adults with T1 and T2 diabetes


Diabetes care improved with artificial pancreas


CGM boosts confidence of those on injections.


MDI and Insulin Pump Therapy compared.


Long Sought Attack Signal found for Type 1 diabetes


Concentrating insulin will reduce insulin pump size


Libre system reduces hypoglycemia


Improving muscle health could enhance response to insulin


Half of all Type 1 diabetes cases occur after age 30


Novel SGLT inhibitor adds benefit to insulin in Type 1 diabetes


New Glucose sensing Technology and hypoglycemia



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diabetes supportDiabetes Videos


Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.  A 30 minute segment on living with life

after diabetes moves in.


Heading Back to school with Diabetes



diabetes appsDiabetes Products and Apps

Please note that these are news articles only and are not purchased advertisements.


Lifescan shares new Reveal app


New App for people with Type 1 diabetes


Diabetes app uses Apple Healthkit data in realtime link to alert caregivers


Glucagon app now available for Android


Abbott Pharmaceuticals release new Dario glucometer in Canada


Insulet reveals new generation of Omni Pod Handheld


mySugr logbook 3.0 is now available.


FDA Approves Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with Share


Medtronic launches next generation sensor augmented insulin pump


Meal Memory iPhone App from DexCom


Turning Silk into Diabetes Test Strips


Nightscout makes life for parents of children with diabetes a little easier with help from Microsoft and Azure

Type 1 Diabetes Friend: Alcohol Guide


temporary tattoosVisual Medical tattoos offer cute tattoos to help your child rotate injection sites!

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diabetes eventsDiabetes Events

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diabetes dictionaryDiabetes Dictionary 

Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring A way to measure blood glucose without having to prick the finger to obtain a blood sample.

For more terms, please go to our online diabetes dictionary.


diabetes featured items

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tattooPlease visit our tattoo page to see our amazing gallery of diabetes related advocacy and medical tattoos.


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