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Sending a child back to school can be stressful but it is even worse when diabetes must go to school as well!

Join me for a Google Chat on August 27, 2014 at 7pm EST


Learning how to cope with a disease that now takes over the bulk of your life can be overwhelming.

As a certified personal life coach who has been dealing with a child with diabetes for over14 years, I can help.

Contact me today and see who we can work together to regain control of your life.



Petitions for change: There are currently two online petitions aimed to raise awareness and create

change when dealing with insulin pump therapy in Canada. 

Both petitions are asking provincial governments to remove age restrictions on their insulin pump

therapy assistance programs.  To support them please see the following links:

BC Petition

Newfoundland and Labrador  http://chn.ge/1oRl2i9


Diabetes in the News

Help in school for UK child


Brett Michaels showdown with Type 1 diabetes


Quebec becomes first province to add Victoza to their formulary


L'Oreal Men's brand funds digital series Outrun


Diabetes Patients Meeting in Brussels


Sizable increase in Type 1 diabetes diagnosis


UK Government Publishes Statutory Guidance for Diabetes in Schools


Wisconsin Girl Campaigns for Diabetic American Girl Doll


Diabetes Mine invites you to its Test Kitchen



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braceletAmethyst and Swarovski pearl "diabetes" Bracelet

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The Latest News in Diabetes Research


Sanofi and Mannkind announce licensing deal for Inhaled insulin.


JDRF, ViaCyte investigate beta cell replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes


Diabetes study helps parents sleep better


Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Pathway Provides New Target For Treatments


Improved glycemic control slows kidney damage


Bionic pancreas frees people from the shackles of diabetes


ADA lowers A1c targets in children with diabetes


Specific protein may help beta cells survive in type 1 diabetes


Biodel to Present Data on Ultra-Rapid-Acting Insulin and Glucagon Product Candidates at 2014 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions


Korean Miseltoe Extract helps types 1 diabetes

Newly discovered compound slows insulin degradation in human body.

MannKind Affreza sales expected to be strong

Off label use of liraglutide in T1 patients

Hypo attacks in Type 1s could be better managed

Nighttime low blood glucose detection system may help diabetics at night


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Diabetes Videos


Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.  A 30 minute segment on living with life after diabetes moves in.


Diabetes Advocacy

Are you a diabetes advocate? Join us
on Facebook and share your experiences, challenges and stories.

Diabetes Advocates Unite

Diabetes Advocates


Diabetes Products and Apps

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Medtronic launches its new "Duo" pump in Europe


One Touch Verio with Blue Tooth available in US


Dexcom is now available in Canada! See your Animas representative for details.


Type 1 Diabetes Friend: Alcohol Guide

temporary tattoosVisual Medical tattoos offer cute tattoos to help your child rotate injection sites!

Lilly Launches Latest Innovation In Insulin Delivery

t:connect Application receives FDA Clearance

Lilly introduces new mobile app for glucagon training

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Diabetes Advocacy's Latest Blog Posts

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Diabetes Events


You can now Run for a Reason at Spartan Races nationwide! Team Cellmates is an official Charity Partner of Spartan; whenever you or any of your friends, family, loved ones or strangers you share this code with uses it to sign up for any US Spartan Race, they will donate up to 15% to the Chicago Diabetes Project! Simply sign up as a racer, spectator or kid at Spartan.com and enter in the coupon code CELLMATES at checkout. In lieu of you taking a discount, Spartan will donate up to 15% of your entry fee to the Chicago Diabetes Project. Spartan could not have made it any easier to support us so please make sure you share this code and use it as many times as possible!​

Upcoming SPARTAN EVENTS near Chicago: 

September 27, 2014 - Spartan Super (8mi) - Chicago (Click Here for more info)

November 1, 2014 - Spartan Sprint (4mi) - Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI (Click Here for more info) 

​Spartan Events are held throughout the US, be sure to look online at www.spartan.com ​for one near you!



Diabetes Dictionary 

Euglycemia A normal level of blood glucose (sugar)

For more terms, please go to our online diabetes dictionary.


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