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Heading back to school can be stressful but heading back with diabetes can be completely overwhelming.

Check out my latest video for tips on how to prepare.



Learning how to cope with a disease that now takes over the bulk of your life can be overwhelming.

As a certified personal life coach who has been dealing with a child with diabetes for over 14 years, I can help.

Contact me today and see who we can work together to regain control of your life.



Petitions for change: There are currently two online petitions aimed to raise awareness and create

change when dealing with insulin pump therapy in Canada. 

Both petitions are asking provincial governments to remove age restrictions on their insulin pump

therapy assistance programs.  To support them please see the following links:

BC Petition

Newfoundland and Labrador  http://chn.ge/1oRl2i9


Diabetes in the News


Interoperability standards published for diabetes devises.


Low income diabetic patients to benefit from new program at Greenville clinic


Newfoundland and Labrador releases new policy for children with diabetes in school


A tribute to D Parents from an adult living with Type 1 diabetes


Runner with Type 1 diabetes completes Cross-Canada Race


Doctors urge uniformity for diabetes care in schools


Using Nightscout for peace of mind


ADA Release Position Statement on Caring for young children with Type 1 diabetes


Coronation Street Star Lisa George on her family's battle with diabetes


Magic Johnson Honored at Carousel of Hope


Saskatchewan government will now cover eye exams for people with diabetes


Bionic Pancreas opens up new possibilities for Type 1 children


Ohio state bill Safe at School


DexCom CEO on the app world and diabetes care


Help in school for UK child


Brett Michaels showdown with Type 1 diabetes


Quebec becomes first province to add Victoza to their formulary


L'Oreal Men's brand funds digital series Outrun




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braceletNew! Black Leather Adjustable Diabetes Bracelet.  One only.


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The Latest News in Diabetes Research


Risk factors associated with increased mortality during early adulthood with type 1 diabetes


Low blood glucose may damage your heart


Artificial pancreas proves better at managing diabetes than regular insulin pump


Beta 02 testing cure for Type 1 diabetes


Licence for Insuline producing cells brings company closer to artificial pancreas


JDRF funded encapsulation research hits a milestone


Could exercise help preserve beta cell functioning?


Children who have entrovirus are 50% more likely to develop Type 1 diabetes


Insulin pump therapy reduces mortality by 29% compared to MDI


Predicting which diabetics will develop complications


New way to regenerate beta cells in Type 1 diabetes


Sanofi and Mannkind announce licensing deal for Inhaled insulin.


JDRF, ViaCyte investigate beta cell replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes


Diabetes study helps parents sleep better



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Diabetes Videos


Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.  A 30 minute segment on living with life after diabetes moves in.


Heading Back to school with Diabetes


Diabetes Advocacy

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on Facebook and share your experiences, challenges and stories.

Diabetes Advocates Unite

Diabetes Advocates


Diabetes Products and Apps

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The Ultimate guide to raising a child with diabetes


FDA approves DexCom software with Artificial Pancreas Algorithms


DexCom Share is now available in the US


AccuChek Subscription Boxes


Parents create NightScout


Animas Vibe approved for use in Canadian children


Guardian Mobile


Sanofi introduces new kids app for diabetes


Lilly claims to be better than Lantus


Medtronic launches smaller Enlite Sensor in Canada


Abbott's Libre launches in Europe


Medtronic launches its new "Duo" pump in Europe


Type 1 Diabetes Friend: Alcohol Guide

temporary tattoosVisual Medical tattoos offer cute tattoos to help your child rotate injection sites!

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AccuChek Subscription Boxes

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Summit Diabetes

The Bionic Pancreas Moves Forward



Diabetes Events


Friends for Life Canada, brought to you by Children with Diabetes, will be returning to Niagara Falls, ON during the weekend of October 23, 2015.  Register online now to ensure your space at this amazing event.


Diabetes Dictionary 

Euglycemia A normal level of blood glucose (sugar)

For more terms, please go to our online diabetes dictionary.


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