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Petitions for Change

Ontario residents have created a new petition asking for funding of CGMs


In British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador, online petitions are currently looking

for your support to raise awareness and ask their provincial governments to

remove the age restrictions on current insulin pump programs.

BC Petition

Newfoundland and Labrador  http://chn.ge/1oRl2i9


In the US, there is an ongoing petition to ask the American Medical Association

to screen sick children for type 1 diabetes with a urine test.



Personal Life Coaching

Type 1 diabetes can be overwhelming.  As a Certified Personal Life Coach who has lived

with a child with diabetes for over 15 years, let me help you to find your way back to you.

Email me today to get started.


Advocacy Coaching

Are you working to make changes in your community?

I have spent many years working as an advocate and now would love to share techniques,

ideas and things that work with you. 

Sessions can be booked via email.


Diabetes in the News


Tandem Diabetes Care a finalist in Connect's Innovative Products Awards


Rapid City woman completes Iron Man in spite of Type 1 diabetes


Tips for running a marathon with type 1 Diabetes


Novo announces new diabetes drug


DexCom Gen5 receives FDA approval for bluetooth enabled CGM


Meet the Moms using Instagram to fight Type 1 diabetes


Medtronic announces Global Heroes Tour


Google wants to help change diabetes forever


Max Domi talks about Type 1 diabetes


Two dads tackles their own kids' diabetes


Sanofi launches Toujeo insulin for adults in the UK


Jerry the Bear goes to the White House


J&J to partner with nonprofit to enable open-source software to combine diabetes data


Diabulimia...the diabetes eating disorder


Preparing to head back to school with diabetes in the US


Cornwall family nearly lose daughter in diabetic attack


Camino Clutch for women with diabetes


New Hawaiian law for children with diabetes in school



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For more Diabetes News click here or for stories about insulin pumps here


The Latest News in Diabetes Research


Type 1 diabetes insulin vaccine undergoes 2nd trial


Negative feelings often precede insulin restriction in Type 1 diabetes


New staging approach for the development of Type 1 diabetes


At-Home Use of Artifical Beta Cells Beneficial in Type 1 diabetes


Diabetic Retinopathy screening can be delayed until age 15 or 5 years into diagnosis


NICE suggests GP set individual glucose targets


UK suggests tighter guidelines for people with diabetes


Insulin pump therapy reduces risk of CVD by half


DKA seen in 1 in 20 children with diabetes


Novo's chief medical officer talks innovations in diabetes drug developments


French partnership to develop an artificial pancreas


Association between number of comorbid medical conditions and

 depression among individuals with diabetes; race and ethnic variations


Medtronic seeking US participants for its closed loop study


Brown School Study looks at Twitter hashtags and diabetes


J&J starts project to prevent type 1 diabetes


Which artificial pancreas is best for children with type 1 diabetes?


Type 1 vaccine clears first hurdle




For more research articles, please click here.


Diabetes Videos


Normal is Just a Setting on the Dryer.  A 30 minute segment on living with life

after diabetes moves in.


Heading Back to school with Diabetes


Diabetes Advocacy

Are you a diabetes advocate? Join us
on Facebook and share your experiences, challenges and stories.

Diabetes Advocates Unite

Diabetes Advocates


Diabetes Products and Apps

Please note that these are news articles only and are not purchased advertisements.


New App for people with Type 1 diabetes


Diabetes app uses Apple Healthkit data in realtime link to alert caregivers


Glucagon app now available for Android


Abbott Pharmaceuticals release new Dario glucometer in Canada


Insulet reveals new generation of Omni Pod Handheld


mySugr logbook 3.0 is now available.


FDA Approves Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with Share


Medtronic launches next generation sensor augmented insulin pump


Meal Memory iPhone App from DexCom


Turning Silk into Diabetes Test Strips


Nightscout makes life for parents of children with diabetes a little easier with help from

Microsoft and Azure


Type 1 Diabetes Friend: Alcohol Guide

temporary tattoosVisual Medical tattoos offer cute tattoos to help your child rotate injection sites!

For other product news reports, please click here.


Diabetes Advocacy's Latest Blog Posts


Dealing with diabetes online burnout

Making it a better school year

Bayer Powered by Accuracy

A Rollercoaster of emotions this weekend

My Dario...A new toy!

Recipe Nostalgia...How things have changed

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Test strips...Its a love hate relationship

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JDRF Walk Season is Upon Us

Blog Week Memories

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Swept Away and Retired to a Desk


Diabetes Events

Friends for Life Canada, brought to you by Children with Diabetes, will be returning to Niagara Falls, ON during the weekend of October 23, 2015. Currently sold out. You can still  register online to be added to the waiting list.

Diabetes Dictionary 


Ketotic Hypoglycemia A poorly-understood disorder of childhood, marked by hypoglycemia and ketosis. There is carbohydrate deprivation, with consequent dependence on fat stores for energy. Ketotic hypoglycemia can often be effectively treated by simple dietary changes involving frequent feedings of carbohydrate and protein.

For more terms, please go to our online diabetes dictionary.


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